Micro SD /SDHC KingMax 16Gb Class4 + Mini Reader USB

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micro SD/SDHC

Micro SD/SDHC card is fully compatible with the SD Association Specification 2.0 and complies to Class 10 speed standards, offering guaranteed write speeds of at minimum transfer rate of 10MB/sec to ensure your device remains quick and responsive while saving, copying, recording or viewing files on the go.


  • High Data Transfer Rate
  • Highest Compatibility and Reliability
  • Compliant with Secure Digital Music Initiative with portable device requirements
  • PlugnPlay compatible
  • Low Power consumption, extending your battery life 
  • The world’s smallest mobile phone flash card by using KINGMAX’s PIP TMpacking technology
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Resistance to high temperature and pressure


  • Capacity: 16GB
  • Speed performance rating : Class ( SD 2.0 )
  • Dimension: 15mm * 11mm * 1mm 
  • Complies with SD 2.0 standard
  • Support SD 1.1 ( ≦2GB ) and SPI Protocols
  • Support SD 2.0 ( ≦32GB ) and SPI Protocols
  • Data Retention: 10 years
  • Weight: 2g
  • Seamless speed and performance with microSDHC - compatible devices
  • Tested under the most extreme conditions
  • Lifetime limited warranty