Headset Steelseries Siberia 200


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Rp 1.250.000

The 200s sound good, feel great, and seem like they could easily withstand someone sitting on them.
A PC gamer's best friend.
Looks be damned! This is the most comfortable headset I have ever tried on!
SteelSeries Siberia 200 headset is an eSport collaboration of style and performance.
These guys are serious when you are dealing with audio. The flexibility and durability are no issue and the sound is amazing!
Continuing the SteelSeries legacy, the Siberia 200 showcases great attention to detail in the higher range of the audio spectrum - meaning that footsteps in FPS titles and quiet harmonic music tracks both perform quite well.
Winning Never
Felt This Good
A Decade Of Siberia

A Decade Of Siberia

The Siberia line is known for being the most comfortable PC gaming headsets - unmatched by any other gaming peripherals brand. For years, gamers everywhere have been choosing Siberia, from neighborhood LANs to some of the largest eSports tournaments.
Suspension Headband

Suspension Headband

The Siberia 200's improved headband evenly spreads the weight of the headset over the entire band, unlike competitive headsets that tend to focus a majority of the weight on a single point.
Padded Earcups

Padded Earcups

The soft protein-leather earcups on the 200 provide a breathable and comfortable over-ear fit, no matter how intense your gaming gets.