FSP 1300-50YD (PSU Mining)


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Rp 2.890.000


Server / mining machine dedicated power 1300
Unique innovation, ingenuity Quality power "Xianglong 1300W" is a dedicated power supply for high-end server / digging machine. Xianglong 1300 chimeric market innovation, the internal use of dual-drive and dual DC design, to ensure that the work system to run a lasting peace of mind, but also with the national high-level mine design, improve the stability of our use. Before and after the double ball fan is Xianglong 1300 design highlights, can enhance the reliability of power use! Rich snake net wire is fully compatible with all graphics interface and length requirements! As the value of the role, the surface with beautiful nickel-plated gold appearance

Rated at 1300 watts, industrial grade design
Front and rear double ball fan, strong heat dissipation
All solid capacitors, long life; 3 high-capacity main capacitor design, the balance of large
High-profile anti-lightning design, the standard up to 3K / 6K
MTBF full life time, 200000 hours, stable operation, superior quality
Genuine 6 PCI-E wire interface, the largest support for 6 480 level graphics card
Excellent DC-DC design to enhance system stability and further enhance performance
Over-current, over-voltage, overload and other multiple security protection
Enjoy the national security service for three years
Support for servers, mining and other industries

AC Input 100-240Vac ~ 8-0A 50-60Hz
DC Output + 3.3V + 5V + 12V -12V + 5Vsb
Max Output Current 15A 15A 108A 0.3A 3.0A
Max Combined Power 103W 1296W 3.6W 15W
Total Power 1300W
model FSP1300-50YD
rated power 1300W

specification Complies with INTEL2.31 and EPS12V server specifications
Input voltage 200-240V
Input Current 8A
Input frequency 50-60Hz
PFC Active
effectiveness 88%
Fan type 2Ball, 80 * 25mm, 2
Size (L x W x H) 210 * 150 * 85MM
weight 3600g
protection OTP, OVP, UVP, OCP, SCP,