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Accurate V.4 Standard Edition (2 PC License)


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Accurate Versi 4 Standard
Accurate Versi 4 Standard

ACCURATE Accounting Software Version 4 appeared with a new look and features a more dynamic, more practical, and more interactive than ACCURATE Version 3. By retaining the main properties ACCURATE is easy to use (user friendly) and high accuracy, ACCURATE 4 provides more features and benefits that will help your business run easier and more fun.

In the Standard version, we provide 2 (two) license. This means that 2 users / clients can enter into the 1 (one) database at the same time.

ACCURATE consists of 4 modules - modules that are packaged in one package, consisting of:

    1. Purchase Module (Purchase Module): This module consists of the Purchase Request Form (Purchase Requisition Form), Form Purchase Order (Purchase Order Form), Admission Form Goods (Received Item Form), Form Purchase Invoice (Purchase Invoice Form), Form Purchase Returns (Purchase Return Form) and Form Purchase Payments (Purchase Payment Form).
    2. Module Sales (Sales Module): This module consists of Form Bid Sales (Sales Quotation Form), Form Sales Order (Sales Order Form), Sales Invoice Form (Sales Invoice Form), Form Sales Returns (Sales Return Form) and Form Sales Revenue (Sales Receipt Form).
    3. Module Inventory (Inventory Module): This module consists of the List of Goods and Services (List of items), Form Penyesuain Inventory (Inventory Adjustment Form), Form Financing Order (Job Costing Form), Code Warehouse (List Of Warehouse), Form Group Products (Item Grouping Form), Form Products Price Adjustment (Set Selling Price Adjustment Form), and Form Moving Goods (Item Transfer Form)
    4. Ledger module (General Ledger Module): This module consists of Accounts List (List of Accounts), Currency List (List of Currency), Company Information (Company Info), Journal of Evidence Form (Form Journal Voucher), Month End Process ( Perid End Process), and Financial Report (Financial Statements)
    5. Cash Module Bank (Bank Cash Module): This module consists of Other Form of Payment (Other Payment Form, Form Other Revenue (Other Deposit Form), Book Bank (Bank Book), Bank Reconciliation Form (Bank Reconcile Form).
    6. Fixed Assets Module (Fixed Asset Module): This module consists of the New Fixed Assets Form (New Fixed Asset Form), List Type of Fixed Assets Tax (List Of Fiscal Fixed Asset Type), List Type of Fixed Assets (List Of Fixed Asset Type), List of Fixed Assets (Fixed Asset List).
    7. Module RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization Module): This module consists of Form RMA (RMA Form) and Form RMA Action (Action Form RMA).